Bear Pen Farm is an off-the-grid subsistence farm. We raise some cows, a hog to butcher, a nice garden, fruit and berries, cut and bale our own hay, and try to live as close to the earth as we can in this modern world.  For 25 years we had a Jersey milk cow.  We raised our two boys on raw milk and spring water.

When we say off-grid, we mean it. The last time we paid an electric bill was 1972.  We did finally give in and get a phone. And, we’re obviously connected to the internet. Our electric is solar, our heat is wood. We drive a Dodge diesel pickup truck that we converted to run on waste vegetable oil.

We live in a hand-built dovetail log home.  It’s a beautiful, solid, warm and wonderful place. 

When not taking care of the farm chores, Dave is a folk musician and leather worker, making some outstanding leather sheaths. Maria, meanwhile, has worked in several different craft fields. Currently, she’s making some phenomenal glass beads and jewelry pieces.