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Dave Smith-

Call me at:  870-363-4210

Write me at:  Dave Smith   553 Fate Morrison Rd    Fox  Ar  72051


7 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hey:

    Impressed that you have the fortitude to do a daily statement. I can’t even find the time to write in my journal much these days. I ‘spect that once the house is done, and the road fixed to my liking, and the firewood split, and the car shocks replaced, and my new banjo finished, and supper made, and well there you go.
    I’ll get that cassette on to you sometime soon. I listened to that tune several times last night, and I believe that you will really like it. Sort of odd in a way on the B part. Again impressive. As soon as we get high speed, I’ll be a regular

  2. Dave I really enjoyed meeting you tonight, hearing the music and swapping some stories. Great blog here too.

  3. Hi … I was doing an internet search on Dharma Mesa. I lead part of the community there back in 1972. I wanted to let people know one of the founders, Jim Migdoll, passed away yesterday in Woombye, Queensland due to a long illness. I anyone wants to get in contact please email me

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