Musical Instrument Straps

I enjoy making custom straps for guitars, banjos, mandolins, any kind of noisemaker that you want to hang around your neck.  I especially likeworking with deerskin–it is soft, lightweight, and folds or rolls up easily to stash in your instrument case.

Stay tuned for photos!!

2 thoughts on “Musical Instrument Straps

  1. Hey Dave, I need a new strap. The kind I’ve always used are the adjustable type, you know, two piece with slots, etc. But I never adjust it, so a one piece made to the right size will work. I would like some kind of unique look, but need some ideas. I might like one silver piece a button or some kind of design, worked into it where it would show when I’m wearing it. We can talk and I’ll explain. If you have some photos, let me know.

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